Food|Xindian Dapinglin|Suhung Restaurant-Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Cuisine

Food|Xindian Dapinglin|Suhung Restaurant-Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Cuisine

Suhung Restaurant has four branches in the north. Among them, Suhung (Zhongzheng) has been recommended by Taipei's Michelin plate for three consecutive years. However, due to certain factors, I did not go to that branch this time, but came to Suhang Restaurant Dapinglin. Since I haven't been to Suzhou-Hangzhou (Zhongzheng), there is no way to compare, but the branches under the same group shouldn't be too far apart, right?

Suhung Restaurant Dapinglin Branch has a traffic advantage. Go out from Exit 1 of MRT Dapinglin Station and go up to the 2nd floor. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, the business here was very good. Basically, it is best to book a table in advance. When the meal time comes, you will find that all the seats next to you are filled with customers, which is very scary. Suhung Restaurant is a type of restaurant suitable for group and family gatherings. The tables are mainly large tables, and there are a lot of them. There is also a box area, but whether you can book a box depends on your luck.

Michelin plate recommended for three consecutive years

Dining environment space

Dining environment space

Yam Salad

Pork trotter soaked in Shaoxing wine

Recommended for this Pork trotter soaked in Shaoxing wine, the wine fragrance and elastic taste, won my heart!

The loofah and shrimp dumplings

The loofah and shrimp dumplings is ordinary, so I won’t order it next time.

Shanghai Casserole Vegetable Rice

Xiao Long Tang Bao

Xiao Long Tang Bao is so-so, not to my taste.

pickled mustard green with Fish Fillet

The scallion pancakes

The scallion pancakes are not bad.

Fried carrot cake with xo sauce

Ningbo lao shao dan

Stir-fried Asparagus with Lily

Braised meat balls and Chinese cabbage

Braised meat balls is served with rice. The Chinese cabbage has been simmered until soft and the meatballs are also tasted in. The seasoning is a bit more intense. It is recommended to serve with white rice. How to describe this restaurant, my personal opinion is that there is a certain level, but I am not surprised or particularly memorable. The food is OK, and I think it is really a restaurant suitable for dinner. I usually wouldn't choose a restaurant to go to!

*The menu of each branch will be slightly different

Suhung Restaurant Dapinglin Store

Address: No. 25, Minquan Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City 

Phone: +886229107522


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