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It’s been a long time since I’ve been near Wufenpu. I’ve changed many restaurants and I don’t know each other. Some people think it’s closed after a long time. Otherwise, the old restaurant has also closed several times. Sing Tao Hainan Chicken seems to have only opened in the last two years. If it wasn't for a genius ordering food without looking at the location, I would not have known this restaurant existed. I am still very interested in Hainanese chicken rice, especially the fragrant chicken rice. For someone like me who doesn't like rice, that's the point!

The other is the level of chicken handling. It should be dry and not greasy, especially the part near the chicken breast if it is not done well, it will be really bad. However, there is a disadvantage of eating Hainanese chicken rice, that is, there are too few vegetables. Basically, there is chicken and rice in it, and vegetables need to be added.

The overall interior space is bright and colorful, the environment is quite clean and hygienic, and the kitchen is a semi-open space that can be seen.

In addition to Hainanese chicken rice, there are also bak kut teh or laksa. According to the official website, the supply of Hainan chicken rice is limited every day. The amount prepared on the day is sold out, otherwise you can only eat other dishes.

Three kinds of take-out sauce packs, dark soy sauce, spring onion ginger sauce, hot sauce.

(The texture of dark soy sauce is more like the thick consistency of soy sauce paste, with a little sweetness.)

The packaging for take-out is very delicate, with Hainan chicken on the top, rice on the bottom, and the vegetables are the one tomato and one broccoli you see. You can choose chicken oil rice or turmeric rice by yourself. The chicken is not the color of ordinary Hainanese chicken, it is also treated with turmeric. I didn't choose Hainanese Chicken Drumstick Rice, which is not challenging to eat, it must be relatively tender. In fact, its Hainanese chicken tastes fresh and tender, retains moisture, and retains the chicken flavor.

Even if the chicken is cold, it is still good to eat. If the rice is to be eaten, it is recommended to eat it while it is still hot, otherwise it will be a bit hard.

Sing Tao Hainanese Chicken Rice (Song Shan Branch)

Address: No. 154, Songshan Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110

Tel: +886227651805


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