American famous restaurant | The Cheesecake Factory (Prudential Center Boston, MA)

Audiences who have watched the American TV series The Big Bang Theory must be very impressed with the name of the restaurant where the heroine Penny worked in previous seasons, which is The Cheesecake Factory. This should be my first impression of this restaurant? Actually, I'm not sure whether I know it from that American drama or where, but I'm sure I heard about this restaurant before going to America.

At first, I was a little confused when I heard the name of the restaurant. Is it a restaurant or a cake and dessert. In the early days, it really started with cheese cakes, and then gradually expanded to other meals. There are dozens of cheesecakes for you to choose from every day. Some people come to eat cakes, while others come directly to eat cakes.

The amazing thing is that every time the classmates have a dinner together, there is a high chance of making an appointment with The Cheesecake Factory. I feel that every student who goes abroad to study has to go there once. Therefore, when I was in Boston, I went there no less than 5 times. Its business was very good. If there was no reservation, it would take more than half an hour, and we even waited for nearly an hour. It means that its popularity is not only among foreign students, but even locals like to go there.

The taste of its meals is not bad, and the price is not particularly expensive. For eating in an American restaurant, it is a good deal, even if you add a tip. This is also the reason why I occasionally hear that my classmates go to The Cheesecake Factory for a dinner party. To be honest, the portion of food in American restaurants is quite large. For Asians, two people can only order one staple food.

In addition, their seasonings are relatively heavy, and some people may get bored easily. Needless to say, cakes must be ordered to eat. It is really good. It is rich and dense. Not a problem.

The Cheesecake Factory


115 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02199



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