Nokia used to be a mobile phone god, watching it fall into hell.

Once upon a time, holding a Nokia mobile phone in hand can make people envious. In addition to playing with it, I will also be envied by the envy of the people next door. Until now, it seems to disappear in the eyes of the public. Even though Nokia phones have recently appeared in the eyes of the public, they are no longer the Nokias of the past. It just hangs on the shell of the Nokia brand, which is already in the pocket of others. When I heard that Nokia handles mobile phone business, now the brand name is granted to HMD Global Oy to use it to produce Android phones and tablets.

The love and hatred for it is really deep in my memory. As a student, I was the most glorious era of Nokia, and I saw its prosperity and decline completely. At that time, Nokia phones were considered high-end products, not something that poor students could buy. Even my parents didn't use Nokia at first. Its shape and design were the most powerful at the time, both beautiful and practical. In the age of calling and sending text messages, this is a very good accessory.

It may actually be used for being handsome, and the snake that made it famous. People can only call and send text messages. You can give them a mobile game, although it is only a very simple game. , But at the time it had surpassed the functions and freshness of other brands of mobile phones. At that time, whoever played a lot with snakes was the focus!

A lot of classic models were released at that time, and its battery and durability were also the highest. It was not until I went to China to study that I really used Nokia. I still asked my Hong Kong friends to buy it in Hong Kong. Why? At that time, electronic products were much cheaper to buy in Hong Kong than in Taiwan, which would cost several thousand Taiwan dollars. The only problem was the warranty, but fortunately, Nokia rarely had problems, at least I had never touched it. There was no problem with the mobile phone, but there was a problem with the school dormitory. Someone came in while I was sleeping in the room and stole it and my camera. I was helpless except for the cold sweat when I got up. I finally saved the money to buy the mobile phone and flew away. Because of this, the school was finally willing to spend money to install a video monitor and have access control personnel. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. Am I not worthy to own Nokia?

Later, I asked a Hong Kong friend to help me bring another one from Hong Kong, and this one was my last Nokia mobile phone. At the beginning, the Symbian system was quite fierce for a while, and it was able to do what other mobile phone brands could not do. Things, playability and operability are very high, but unfortunately it can't keep up with the trend of smart phones. It seems that it is a series of wrong decisions that caused it to fall from heaven to hell. For a while, it was full of expectations that it could rebound from a low point and return to the position it once had, but it only waited for disappointment and darkness. The second system choice ended in failure!

My feelings for it are too complicated. It has accompanied me most of my studying in China. Although I encountered many setbacks and sadness in the middle, its strength and stability supported my travel journey. From a certain point of view, it is easier to use than the current smart phone, but its simplicity is a very rare character, which will not make people too divorced from the real society, and can better return to the actual contact between people. , Will not get the syndrome of technological apathy.


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