Skywalk observatory of Prudential Center, Boston, with a 360-degree view of the Boston area [Closed]

What is the feeling of seeing a city from a high altitude, only after seeing it, it is like looking at the entire Taipei city from Taipei 101, opening the cheating plug-in from the perspective of God, overlooking the entire area, it has a sense of shock. The overall height of buildings in downtown Boston is not high. The tall buildings are just a few visible to the naked eye. Among them, the Prudential Building is the most famous building. In addition to being the most conspicuous in height, it also contains a plaza for shopping and food.

Almost no one would not go to the Prudential Building or eat in the restaurant inside, but it used to have a special attraction, that is, it had a 360-degree observation deck that overlooks the entire Boston city. There are almost no obstructions in the field of vision. When the weather is good, the view is even clearer. The houses, streets, green spaces, Charles River and the MIT on the opposite bank can be seen in general. The entire Boston city is at your feet!

In fact, not so many people actually went up. When I remembered that when I went up in 2012, there were almost no other tourists except me and my classmates. It can be said that they were reserved by us. Maybe it’s because not many people go there. It was closed for the first two years. Whether it will be open in the future is not known. I hope it will be open in the future, so that more tourists can see the city of Boston from a height. Nice view of the area.


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