When did you have your first mobile phone?

When did you own your first cell phone? When I see students today holding mobile phones at a young age, I think back to myself. Why is the difference that big? Of course, times have changed, and so has the process of technological development. This is something that can't be helped, and there will always be new things appearing in every era. Just like many products are not available in the previous generation, so many elders also feel at a loss. Too many technologies are emerging beyond their comprehension and speed. The powerful elders learn very fast, and they can try their best to keep up with the evolution of the times. And those who don't want to learn keep their past concepts.

When I was in junior high school, I saw that there was a mobile phone at home, but in fact it was already around the third grade of high school. And now there are not a few elementary school students who own their first mobile phone. The functions of mobile phones today are also not like the past, only the functions of making calls and sending text messages. In addition to better contact with family members, positioning can also relatively ensure the safety of children. Not to mention that they will also use social software, swiping Instagram, TikTok, Line, Facebook, etc. It is also the creation of topics among classmates. If you don't know, it means you are behind.

But is it good to get electronics so early? Is this my question? Of course it has its convenience, but it also leads to the gradual loss of many cultures. How much time have you been able to write since you got your phone? Many cultures and concepts are more difficult to pass on in such an environment. Is it really good for them to start using mobile phones in elementary school? Both physical and psychological aspects seem to have long-term effects.

At this time, I'm glad I didn't pick up my phone so early. And it was still mainly about communication. There are not so many complicated and convenient functions, pure performance, but there is more time to get close to the real thing and the world.


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