Helicopter Experience | Aerial View of Boston-Kings Boston rented for promotional photos.

Helicopter is one of the means of transportation that ordinary people don't take, and it may not necessarily take it once in a lifetime. Even the one that I got on might prefer not to sit, because it might be a rescue helicopter. After all, the demand and market for helicopters is for a small number of people. Of course, many cities have helicopter tours, and the price is not cheap. Most people do not expect to spend this cost. Especially since I have a fear of heights, even if I take a plane, I still feel a little safe. Even the Ferris wheel and the cable car can make my legs weak, not to mention the helicopter.

So one day, the language school management teacher told me that they had hired a professional to take photos of Boston and the school as a publicity photo later. And the means of transportation is a helicopter. I was stunned for a few seconds and asked if it was a helicopter? Really fake! Can you not? I don't mind giving this opportunity to others. In addition to the pilot and photographer, there are two seats in the back of the helicopter. The school wanted two classmates to take photos for publicity, so I was selected. (Well~ maybe my relationship with the management teacher is not bad XD)

She also reassured me that I was fine. The helicopter was safe. If there was no way, she would have wanted to take the helicopter. After all, there is usually no such thing as a free helicopter overlooking the entire Boston from the sky. I was in such an uneasy mood, and when I saw the helicopter descending in front of me, and then walked towards it with trembling legs, I sat on it inexplicably.

The first feeling is that it is super insecure. There is no hatch in the front driver's seat. It is hollowed out for the convenience of shooting. Although the rear seat has a door, it is a bit like a decoration. Like it will swing with the wind outside, you can only fasten your seat belt and pull on the armrest and the little hand that has nowhere to put it. Wearing headphones to isolate the noisy engine and propeller sounds, and talking to other people, can soothe the uneasy mood a little.

The entire flight time is not long, about 30 to 40 minutes, and the somatosensory time is completely inaccurate. The weather was very good that day, with blue sky and white clouds, and the vision was wide and unobstructed. From the air, you can fully see the features of downtown Boston, which is completely different from what you see on the ground. I really can't imagine seeing such a scenery, I can only say that I am very lucky. The beautiful Boston seems even more difficult to forget it!


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