Costco Private List | Art Is Coffee Colombian Arabica Coffee Beans

Is Costco's cheapest coffee beans really good? Can I drink it? Art Is Coffee is Colombian Arabica coffee beans and the cheapest coffee beans I have seen so far. Naturally, you can't ask too much for it. Its price is around NT$300 and a pack is 2lbs (907g)! This is actually not my first purchase. I bought a pack to try in early 2021. On the one hand, I was surprised by the price, and on the other hand, the packaging was a bit attractive.

There is no actual good or bad for each coffee bean. This is related to personal preference and taste. You can only know if it is suitable for you after you try it yourself. I just bought it with the idea of ​​trying it, I didn't pre-set too many expectations, and I'll make a decision after I really drink it. And even if you think it's not suitable, you won't waste it, you will definitely drink it.

Drinking coffee is a bit like drinking. The price is expensive and some people think it is not good to drink. Coffee will have various flavors, such as sour, astringent, bitter or fruity, etc. Some people even don't care about it at all, as long as it tastes like coffee. This coffee does not have too many taste levels. Pure black coffee will not have much charm for some people, and it may be suitable for latte (but I have not tried it). Not too harsh, not too bitter or sour, a relatively mild and bland coffee, and not too much of a downside.

Whether Costco will sell in the future depends on luck. They will continue to sell if they have always sold well, otherwise they just need to be updated. For people who drink coffee but are not picky, it is a very cost-effective coffee bean!


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