Boston | Korean Garden Restaurant Recommended by Korean Students

Korean students have a special skill, that is, they will quickly find companions when they go abroad, and they will immediately find out where there are Korean restaurants or supermarkets. There are almost no exceptions. My first roommate is a Korean. I want to eat Korean food almost every day, and I carry chili sauce with me. If I am not used to it, I add a little chili sauce. Therefore, after staying with him for a few days, he took him to eat Korean food and spread his hands. It is also very helpless!

There is a road in Allston Boston that can almost be called Korea Town (Korean Street). There are Korean restaurants and Korean shops in it. Most Koreans come here to eat and buy daily necessities, except for the only choice of large Korean supermarkets. Take the subway MBTA Green B Line and get off at Harvard Avenue Station.

I have eaten at this Korean Garden Restaurant about 2~3 times. To be honest, eating Korean food in the United States is really not cheap. Even Koreans think it is expensive, so they don’t come to eat very often. Find some classmates or Koreans for dinner. Otherwise, I just find an excuse to say that I want foreign students to try Korean food, and every time a group of students come to eat, haha.

This Korean restaurant has also been open for many years and has bulgogi and other soups, you can grill your own meat or ask them to help. Korean classmates felt that it was okay, and for them, it was also a taste of missing their hometown. And I have always eaten Korean food, so there is nothing I am not used to, and of course the taste cannot be compared. After all, it is a restaurant in a foreign country, and it is quite powerful to restore most of the taste.

Korean Garden

Address:122 Harvard Ave, Boston, MA 02134, United States



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