Costco Private List | Kenji | Cream Germ Cookies

I used to like to eat biscuits and snacks. In recent years, I have gradually reduced the amount of snacks I eat. Otherwise, I will bring back a lot of snack biscuits every time I go to Costco. But no matter how restrictive it is, you can't not buy it, and Kenji's series of biscuits have almost become one of the must-buy lists.

Including cream germ and golden cheese are its best-selling products. In fact, every time I want to bring back both, I silently choose one. These two products have been remodeled. At first, I actually liked the original taste, but I got used to it after eating. It is also one of the few biscuits that have not felt tired of eating until now. Eating two small packets at a time is a small case. If there is no sense of guilt, eating more than 5 packets is not a problem.

In addition, it has soda biscuits from Healthy Moment, which the individual thinks is fine and buys less frequently. Still prefer golden cheese or cream germ. The real yeast baking ingredients mentioned above are actually used to comfort myself, so as to at least make myself feel less guilty, otherwise eating biscuits itself is not good for health, but always satisfy your appetite.


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