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Guangdong Hejia Yazhuang is located on the corner of Fude Street and Linkou Street. It should have been open here for decades. I ate his lunch when I was very young. I was very impressed with it at the time. It has the soul sauce of the private house. Without the sauce, it is almost not the bento of Hejia Yazhuang, and even told the boss to add a little more sauce. There is a little aroma of traditional Chinese medicine in the sauce, some people may not like it, and there are friends who don't like this sauce.

Its storefront has not been updated, only the signboard has been changed. Walking into the store, there is a feeling of going back to the past, even the tables and chairs are almost the same. I'm wondering why not change it? However, there are not many customers who will dine in the store. Most of the customers come to buy bento to take away, maybe that's why they don't want to spend money on renovations.

Basically, it is the dishes of ordinary roast meat restaurants, such as roast duck, oil chicken, and barbecued pork. A typical Cantonese preserved meat dish, served with dried tofu, cabbage, pickled radish, and eggs. To be honest, its side dishes have not changed much, almost the same as in the past. Therefore, people who live nearby do not eat too often, and only occasionally want to eat.

In addition, they have no service attitude at all, they all sound like someone owes them money, and they are a little impatient. I don't know if the quality maintenance is not so good, or if I have eaten more roast meat restaurants when I grow up. It has tasted different from what I used to be, not as good as it used to be, and the sauce is a bit lighter than it used to be (perhaps for popular taste?). The overall feeling is still a bit disappointing, but the meat quality is good.

Don't know when is the next time you want to eat? An old shop in memory, so slowly fade away.

Guangdong Hejia Yazhuang

Address: No. 9, Fude Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Tel: 0227278145


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