Homemade sauerkraut with German sausage and flatbread, I'm a genius!

German pork knuckles will be paired with sauerkraut to relieve greasy, and can also supplement vegetables and some lactic acid bacteria, which is a very exciting feeling to eat. Every time I go to Costco to eat hot dogs or chicken wraps, I will never forget to pair it with sauerkraut. Eating sauerkraut can at least comfort myself by eating vegetables. But it's really delicious, and the sour is really suitable for greasy relief.

I predicted that I would go to Costco some time ago, so I made two cans of sauerkraut in advance. The easiest way to use it was cabbage and salt, without any other additives. It can be eaten in about 3-7 days, simple, fast and convenient. Just waiting for what other ingredients to pair with it!

I just waited for the German sausages and buns that I hadn't bought for a long time (hahaha). During the epidemic, I hardly went to Costco, and I don't know how long I haven't bought German sausages and buns. In order to try home-made sauerkraut, I really sacrificed a lot. I ate processed meat that I hadn’t eaten for a long time, and I didn’t see the German pig’s feet that day, otherwise I would buy it together!

In fact, there is another evil ingredient that was not photographed, that is, cheese slices. I felt sorry for my conscience, so I didn't take a photo to save the certificate, so as not to be caught eating such a high-calorie food (a little guilty). Sure enough, the German sausage did not disappoint me. It was delicious with my homemade sauerkraut, not to mention the flatbread and cheese slices. What is there to dislike about this combination? Even people who can't cook can easily enjoy the deliciousness.

Fortunately, this is only eaten once in a while, otherwise it is not healthy for the body, so it is better to eat less sausage. German pork knuckles or other prototype meats are actually very suitable with sauerkraut, you can try it at home!

Jack's Unprofessional Cooking | Homemade Sauerkraut (Cabbage)


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