The legendary Abei (Abo) stinky tofu in the alleys of Xinyi District,Taipei

Only after joining the Sanliang Association in Xinyi District did I realize that so many people knew about this legendary stinky tofu. After a while, people will post to ask about its location, and every time I see the message, I find it super funny. But sometimes this Arbor doesn't seem to play cards according to the rules of the cards, his trail is erratic, and he has a sense of mystery. In all cases, customers help him draw a road map and business hours. Just to make it easier for everyone to find!

Otherwise, it is good to have a dog nose, and you can smell it from afar and find its location. Every time he gets off work, as long as he sees him, there must be customers waiting in line. In fact, as long as the boss has something temporarily on the day, there is a possibility that the stall will not be distributed. This cannot be predicted, and sometimes the boss will not issue a notice. So instead, the element of luck is very high. I suddenly wanted to eat it a few times, but I couldn't find him, so I had to give up eating stinky tofu.

In the past, he would walk from Zhongpo South Road to Fude Street, but now he is mostly only on Zhongpo South Road and Main Road. Unless the business was not very good that day, he would walk to Ford Street with leftover stinky tofu.


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