Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.30-Aggrieved eyes, the best actor among dogs?

Xiaobao is a very smart Labrador, very thief and very clever. When and where it should appear, there is almost no error. In particular, the obsession with food is very high, and when I hear a little movement, I will immediately come to you. I don't know if it's the nose or the ears! Whenever it's cooking time, this guy will definitely appear in the kitchen and dining room, and he won't leave no matter how he calls it. Then look at you with those innocent and aggrieved eyes, as if everything is in your eyes. Are you willing to make me hungry? Really don't feed me a little, I'm very hungry.

It also makes noises to get your attention, like deliberately turning over a trash can or a kitchen waste bin. As long as it can see anything within its range, it will go up and take a bite. In exchange for your compromise, this time is a war with it. Because it is now under control of its food intake, it is generally only one meal plus some snacks.

Maybe someone takes it out for a walk every day, especially on weekends? So they will be very gluttonous, and of course it is also very gluttonous. That look seems to be acting at all times, and sometimes there is a sense of provocation. It's really good at acting. If the dog has an actor award, you must help him sign up to participate. Great chance to win!


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