Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.31-Being on the throne means wanting to sleep?

Under normal circumstances, Xiaobao will not stay in one position, but will run around, otherwise he will find someone to play and act like a spoiled child. When it is sitting in its own place, it is tired and wants to sleep. Basically it's the same time as people, or the country version of time. The rules of the country dog are very normal, and the biological clock is formed when it is time to eat and sleep. Maybe it's even more regular than me, laughing to death!

It is rare to be quiet at this time, but it cannot be understood every time. There are other more comfortable and larger positions, why do you just like to squeeze in this narrow chair? Don't you know how big you are? It's not a child anymore. It's time to face reality, wouldn't it be uncomfortable to squeeze in there?



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