Men's Ultimate BBQ Dreams | American Outdoor Barbecue Propane Gas Grill


Men's Ultimate BBQ Dreams | American Outdoor Barbecue Propane Gas Grill

Barbecue is a favorite of any country. Not to mention that the Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan is almost inseparable from barbecue. There are a bunch of barbecue restaurants on the road, covering the barbecue methods of various countries. Finding a kebab restaurant is really easy! But there is a big disadvantage in Taiwan, that is, the space is too small. Most people can't put barbecue stoves in their homes, so they use simple barbecue grills. Otherwise, it is more exaggerated to use a cassette oven to put a baking tray to grill the meat. This is a very soulless barbecue. Every time I use it, I feel that there is something missing.

When I went to Costco before, I occasionally saw an American-style barbecue grill, which was seen in TV shows or movies. In foreign countries, the barbecue grills when they hold parties outdoors have a lot of food that can be grilled on a large table. No matter how attractive the BBQ atmosphere is, the problem is that it is difficult to implement in Taiwan. So it is a fantastic product that every man wants to have. It's a manly thing to be able to roast meat with it, holding a bottle of beer in hand while roasting. This is the highest level of barbecue in life!

Basically, it is very common to see this barbecue in foreign countries, using gas and charcoal fire. It depends on personal usage habits and the frequency of use. It also affects the selection! So when I go to my family and friends' house in Canada and use this grill for BBQ at night, I'm super excited. Finally, I can actually operate it, how can I do it without one time abroad.

But I've always been curious about one thing? This is how to clean it. So for the sake of the owner, what should I do every time I run out of this. The conclusion is that there is no cleaning, clam! There's still some doubts about authenticity. It should be said that there is cleaning but it is different from the imagined cleaning. It is roughly to take an iron brush to brush it, and remove the residue on it. Isn't it very cool! I don't know when I will be able to have one in Taiwan, and I can barbecue if I have something or nothing. It's cool to think about taking a picture!


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