Need a ray of sunshine directly into the heart!

There was a period of time when there was no sunshine in Taipei! The whole day was shrouded in rain, and my mood seemed to be depressed. The advantage is that there should be no shortage of water, and it is not bad that the problems to be worried about every year will not happen. Always looking forward to the sun shining, I have never missed the sun so much. Do you miss its existence more only after you lose it? What it stands for is not just bringing light, but more of dispelling dark moments. Whether it is actually nourishing the earth, or the soul.

Occasionally it feels like the mood changes with the weather. On a sunny day, you will be happier, and on a cloudy day, your mood will be lower. If you add the unpleasantness of reality, it is simply an infinite bonus. The mentality may directly explode. At this time, a ray of sunshine can dispel some negative thoughts. Just like when you are at a low ebb, someone can reach out to you and give you support and encouragement. The foot that drew you back from the abyss of hell!

Who can be your sunshine? Who can be there for you when you're down? Who can help you find yourself? Get back your confidence and value. Then he is your best sunshine! It is very difficult to be grateful for the existence of this person. Sometimes it is often just one step away, and it may directly change a person's existence. I don't know if I can have a chance to be that person once. After all, I also need someone to give me a hand! Let me regain the confidence and courage that I have lost for a long time. It is really hard and sad to struggle alone. The helplessness and despair of the heart that no one can ask for help cannot be expressed in simple words.


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