Study abroad | Memories of a pack of Weili's Mama noodles in the United States

I'm not a picky eater, no matter what country or city I'm in. Basically, they can adapt to the local diet very quickly. Of course, the premise is that it is normal food, and there is no way for the ingredients that are too strange. Therefore, I never take Taiwanese instant noodles or food abroad, and I feel that bringing those things takes up a lot of luggage space. Every time I don't understand and can't figure it out, why do many people like to take these things abroad? What does this mean? Don't you think it's a pity and waste to go abroad and not experience and integrate into the local environment?

Therefore, when I went to the United States, I also brought only the necessities. It's clothes and things like that! No food or condiments, a very simple and unpretentious suitcase. It seems that a friend asked if he wanted to bring instant noodles? I also asked him why he wanted to bring it. When I arrived in the US on my first day, I just ate instant fast food. I didn't feel that there was anything I was not used to or not used to, and I was very happy with it.

When my Korean roommate misses Korean food every day, I feel sick every day without eating Korean food. I still feel weird, why? So what is the purpose of your going abroad? I have to eat Korean instant noodles with my Korean roommate 4-5 days a week. Otherwise, I will feel embarrassed if I don't eat him. I am helpless too!

In the first few months of going to the US, I also never thought about eating Chinese food. I never even thought about going to Chinatown for a meal, just to get a haircut or go to a Chinese supermarket with others. The only reason why I went to eat Chinese food later was that I was caught by foreign classmates. They wanted to try the taste of Chinese food, so they reluctantly went with them. Actually it doesn't matter to me whether I eat or not, but they would think that I should really want to eat Chinese food. (Inner OS: It really doesn’t matter if you don’t eat it)

After a few more months, I finally got a few more Taiwanese classmates. Occasionally get together with them for the sake of helping each other. Otherwise, I hardly ever hang out with Chinese people. Because they only stayed for less than a month, it felt like a trip. Then one night, a Taiwanese classmate asked me if I wanted to eat my mother's noodles. It was my first time eating instant noodles from Taiwan in Boston. It was also the only package of Taiwanese instant noodles I had during my stay in the United States!

In fact, even when I was in Taiwan, I didn't have any memory of Weili's mama noodles. I know about Weili mama noodles, but the mama noodles are really blank. If they hadn't said they were famous, they would have been there since childhood. I'm starting to doubt myself! However, there is a sense of familiarity when I eat my mother's noodles, which is the taste of Taiwan.

Later, when I returned to Taiwan, I would occasionally buy a pack of Weili Mama Noodles to eat. Are you looking back on memories, or just wanting to eat a pack of Mommy's noodles?


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