Self-Driving Travel | U.S. Highway Service Area

Highways are long and long, linking one city to another. The highway has no end until the destination is reached, but the driver gets tired. The existence of the service area (rest area) of the expressway is very touching. In addition to allowing people to stop for a short rest and replenish energy, the car also needs to be refueled to continue moving forward.

In fact, you said that the highway service area in the United States is different from that in Taiwan, except that in the United States, the architectural style is different, and the food and products are different. The basic functions are exactly the same, haha! Otherwise, what do you want about it? Everyone just stops and rests, eats and drinks, and should go to the toilet to go to the toilet. By the way, check the vehicle, to refuel or replenish the water tank. One of the criteria for the quality of the service area is whether the toilet is clean or not, and whether the food is good or not. This is also a key to whether the service area can attract people to enter.

Why did I leave this photo of the service area? In my impression, it was the first service area in the United States that I went to, and the first service area I traveled by car. Photographed for commemoration! It was on the way from Boston to Syracuse, and it was expected to drive directly to Niagara Falls for a night’s sleep and then directly into Canada. Later, I had to rest in Xuecheng for one night in advance, so I didn’t need to be in such a hurry, even if I got to Xuecheng, it was almost evening. Don't drive at night on the first day!


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