Former Nosebleed Professional (Master Level)

Blowing my nose today and seeing a nosebleed. so excited! There has been very little experience with nosebleeds in recent years. Can't even remember when was the last time you had a nosebleed? Makes me nostalgic about the days of nosebleeds in the past, which sounds pretty hilarious. The reality is that he used to be a super-prone child with nosebleeds. The degree of exaggeration is beyond your expectations. At least I haven't seen someone like me in the past, living like a nosebleed as a runny nose.

Since I was a kid, I was a kid who got nosebleeds easily. Carrying tissue paper with you is a habit. Nosebleeds occur almost every few days, but I can't find the cause. Both myself and my parents are dumbfounded, how much do I love nosebleeds? It doesn't mean that I have been picking my nose all day long. Sometimes I feel that my nose is strangely touched, and then nosebleeds appear on my hands. He didn't move, didn't do anything, didn't even look at the beautiful woman. It's so frustrating to have a nosebleed! How not worth it.

Caused me to use a lot of ways to stop nosebleeds. It's like raising your head, stuffing your nose with toilet paper (there is also toilet paper soaked in water), or pinching the bridge of your nose to compress the microvascular concept. How fragile is it, and even blowing your nose a few times will have a chance of nosebleeds. Finally, comfort yourself, consider it a detox. The first-class flow is healthier, and it can also increase the birth of new blood.

Remember that this time period lasted until college graduation. After that, I slowly got rid of this symptom and left the ranks of nosebleeds. Exactly how this has been improved, is actually really uncertain. Is it because of the good constitution of eating Chinese medicine? Or the time for self-exchange blood has passed. But long-term nosebleeds are not a good thing, and it's better to get checked out. See what the doctor has to say!


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