Good neighbors are the last line of defense for all residents!

There are several types of homes in general. Such as 5-storey apartments without elevators, apartment buildings, elevator buildings, single-family villas, or large community buildings. And almost as long as there are public facilities shared by the households, there will be a management committee to maintain the management. It can be said that a traditional 4-5 floor apartment without an elevator must have no management committee. It depends on how the relationship between your neighbors is usually good or bad. In particular, the chances of everyone meeting are relatively high, and they have little understanding of other households. Even if most of the communication is not as much as it used to be, neighbors may only be nodding acquaintances.

Something happened recently that made me feel how different good neighbors are. We have a neighbor who is a bit cocky in this building. They can be seen no matter what happens in the apartment, big or small. Such as the cleaning of water towers, the cleaning and disinfection of stairs, the safety of water meters and electricity meters, the switch of household doors, and so on. They will be very careful, and there are safety issues. At the beginning, even the refurbishment of the exterior wall was arranged by them until it was completed! So, if you have any questions, just ask them.

The downstairs floor was recently rented out as a cram school. They also knew the news in advance. It is also specially reminded that no construction can be done on the outer wall of this building. And how to distinguish which part of the outer wall can be used or not used, to be honest, I really don't know very much. Therefore, there was a problem when installing the air conditioner. The bracket of the outdoor unit was punched on the outer wall and was seen by the neighbors. Directly ask the other party to remove it and cannot install it there, and there is no prior communication with the occupants at all. On this matter, the neighbor had a little dispute with the construction unit of the other party! Later, through the contact of the intermediary, there was a proper solution. (The air-conditioning outdoor unit also has a great impact on the direction of the hot air blowing on the households, as well as the feng shui problem of the households)

These things have never been touched, and I don't know how to deal with them. If not for the attention and reminder of this good neighbor. Whether it is the rights and interests of residents or other influences may be damaged because of this! This difference is huge. In the past, I sometimes felt that this neighbor was a little annoying, and I was very preoccupied with every little thing. I take care of this as well as that, but when I actually come across something about everyone's rights and interests, I realize that the help is actually so great. And to put it harshly, the relationship between neighbors in the city is not what it used to be. In the past, everyone would get to know each other and help each other. Some even become good friends. And now you don't need to talk about getting to know your neighbors, just ask not to meet bad neighbors. It is really necessary to cherish the existence of good neighbors, and usually have a little communication. No one knows how helpful it will be at a critical moment!


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