Is cooking difficult?

Why do some people find it difficult to cook? In fact, I don't know very well, isn't it enough that practice makes perfect? That is, when you cook more times, it will get better and better, it's just a matter of habit and proficiency. At least I think so! Before college, I never cooked rice once, at most I cooked instant noodles. This is a must-have skill for everyone. It’s really rare to encounter people who don’t even know how to cook instant noodles.

At that time, I had a mysterious self-confidence. Just watching those chefs cooking on TV, I thought I should be able to do it. It doesn't look too difficult, except for those dishes that require a lot of kung fu skills. Most home-cooked meals are not difficult, as long as the ingredients are prepared. Follow the order to complete a dish! It's that simple, that's what I've always thought. It wasn't until I cooked it myself for the first time that I realized it wasn't really that difficult. Ha ha!

Isn't that a shitty thing to say, genius. The two most difficult things in the cooking process are seasoning and heating. Other preparatory materials and chopping vegetables take a little more time to process slowly. One step at a time, don't worry or be nervous. Many people are so worried and nervous that they feel like they can't do it at first. There are so many videos and recipes out there, just follow them right from the start.

Occasionally it might be less than perfect and that's okay. I make mistakes every now and then and the seasoning isn't quite right. But if you cook it yourself, you will eat it silently. I have a principle not to waste food, as long as it is not blackened to the point where it cannot be eaten. Otherwise I would eat all the food so I know what went wrong and how to improve next time.

The most fearful thing is that the cooking is too delicious, and you will be asked to cook in the future. This is the most terrifying thing! The reason why it is recommended to try cooking for yourself is that it can really save money and be healthy. The outside tastes really good, but the inside is too seasoned. It is not so healthy to eat for a long time, especially if the taste is too heavy. So try cooking it yourself!


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