The days of learning a car driver's license are fun, and the test is worse than death.

It is sincerely recommended that you take a driver's license test during the summer vacation after graduating from high school. That time is the most perfect, and the age is basically 18 years old. I signed up for a car driving class during the summer vacation after graduating from high school. The course that year took one and a half months, but now it only takes one month. I still remember that I went to the public car driving training class in Taipei City, unlike most of the private driving training classes now. In the early days, only public car driving classes could test in situ, and the price was more reasonable and cost-effective.

In fact, I was forced to go, at that time in Neihu (now closed). Every time I go, I have to take a long bus to get there, and there is no MRT nearby. And I have to practice driving every day for a month and a half. Regardless of the wind and rain, you must report on time. Go hungry without food! All forced by my mother

I am a fairly quick learner. I was already familiar with the venue and environment on the third day, and I learned about the same driving knowledge. I have been able to practice driving on my own very smoothly, which means that the coach is not taking classes next to me. At most, when you first arrive at the driving training class, the coach will take a look and accompany you to practice once. In the back, I was basically practicing by myself, and the coach was super relaxed and comfortable. Generally, there are 3 students in a car, and later one student skipped class. Another student is also a female elder, kind of very old. After retirement, she had nothing to do until she signed up for the driver's license test. I admire her courage and ideas.

Due to the busy personal affairs of the coach, I was almost always teaching the female elder to practice on the field. (It’s like I’m a coach, so I pay to take classes. I don’t have any money to collect!) The advantage is that the teaching process also makes me more familiar with the venue and driving training. It's a double familiarity process. But it was also a very tiring thing, and almost collapsed on the bed when I got home from class.

But the coach suggested that I don't have to go to class every day. But my mother insisted that she must report to the school every day, even if she wanted to skip class once. In this way, all the hours are silently completed, including the basic knowledge of vehicles. The basic concept of the entire car is relatively solid, including every road trip that must not be missed. At that time, there was still a mountain road, which was very enjoyable and exciting.

The written test is different from the road test. The written test will be taken at the proctoring station, and the road test will be taken at the original venue. There was no need to take a road test before. The most nervous thing is when the examiner sits next to you during the road test. Watching your every move, that pressure is really a bit big. If you don't pay attention to pressing the line or turning off the flame, you can't get it, just end it and come back next time. Do you think you can take the test twice? I was lucky to pass it once, and my whole heart was put down. The night before, I really couldn't sleep, and I was so nervous. The process of learning to drive is much more fun!


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