Don't get a sense of security from others. The sense of security is given by oneself.

In the past, I often heard girls say three words, a sense of security. For example, there is no way to get a sense of security from a boyfriend? This should also be the easiest example, but other things may be solved or handled by themselves. The sense of security is not limited to girls, but boys also feel this way. It's just relatively not as obvious as girls, except for a few boys.

Why don't you feel safe? Do you not believe in yourself or in others? Or don't believe it? Even after finding the root cause, I still don't want to face it. Do you feel suspicious when you have been hurt or hurt someone? I always feel that I don't know what the other party will do and whether I can trust the other party. In fact, I really feel that this is a very hard thing, and I feel uneasy and suspicious at all times.

If that's the case, why should it be so hard, let's just end it. Whether it is to prove yourself or to show it, you are embarrassing yourself and others. Because where exactly is that ruler, you may not be able to explain it yourself.

Security is an intangible thing. It's a feeling. Since it is a feeling, there is no certain answer, it is all proof of free mind. So what is the correct answer? It will only make both sides very tired. Of course, if you really don't believe each other, you really don't want to be together. Why waste time pulling! And sometimes the other party is really a trustworthy person, and his patience will be consumed.

Stop taking security from others, give yourself to yourself. You will be much more relaxed. It is more important to increase your confidence and improve your mental state. To be a better self, why not affect the mentality for others. Of course having someone you can rely on by your side is the best thing! Even if you depend on others, you must keep yourself.


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