Is queuing up for quick screening reagents and vaccinations the most likely to cluster infection?

It was strange to read the news some time ago. It makes sense if you really need it badly, but a lot of people are stocking up on quick sieves. Then when you first started selling, a group of people crowded in line to buy, isn't it dangerous? In addition, when Taipei Main Station or Songshan Station is open for on-the-go vaccines, it is also very scary to watch. The whole square is full of people, and even many people can't even line up or hit it. It is only when you arrive at the scene that you can know the definitive news.

The best way to reduce the chance of a diagnosis is to minimize human-to-human contact. Especially the social distancing of strangers, because you can't predict where the other person has been or who they have been in contact with. Moreover, it is impossible for him to notify you of any problems, which is equivalent to a big unknown and a big unexploded bomb. Assuming that you are really infected and you discover symptoms, it may have been passed on to your family or friends. That sounds like a bit of a loss!

I really don't think it's a few days away, and the policies or regulations will be unstable before they start to be implemented. Of course, I can understand that some people will be very nervous, and they must go as soon as possible when they see the news. But think about it, if you are fine, will you just come across it when you run to the queue? Then your mind will not collapse. Even if everyone is in an orderly manner, it is difficult to maintain a large social distance. It is impossible to have such a large space, so it is better for everyone to go slowly and spontaneously. It can also give those staff some breathing space and time!

We also need to be mentally prepared, coexistence is an inevitable issue. The virus is very difficult to stop it, unless every country has decided to block it at first. There may also be a slight chance of success! But the reality is that when foreign countries have already taken the form of coexistence, it is difficult not to follow suit. So it doesn't matter if you want quick screening or vaccines, just don't rush to grab or stock up. Maintaining proper social distancing and cleaning and disinfection is bound to take some time.


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