Time is a knife. When the time comes you will understand.

The flow of time is fast or slow, only between people's thoughts. It doesn't stop and wait for anyone, it just gets pushed away. Human feeling is just a concept, and the rest is manifested in the gradually aging body. When I was young, I wondered why time passed so slowly. Can time go by faster. But the older I get, the more I don't want to live so fast, but I can't stop it. You can only try your best to fight against it, but no one can beat it.

It is a poison and an antidote. Some bad things may fade with time. It is also possible to let yourself get stuck in it and get deeper and deeper into it. As day after day passes, I also arrive at the time my parents once passed. Think back to how you were at this time in the past? It is very emotional. Looking at the decline in physical strength and the appearance of wrinkles, anxiety filled my heart even more. It has left indelible marks on its body one by one, and no one can escape.

When can understand and appreciate its cruelty, there is no fixed answer. There are different explanations for each of them. The sooner you see it through, the sooner you can cherish and appreciate what is most important to you in life.

I can accept modern changes, new music or new products. But the past is unforgettable, and I prefer a certain period of time in the past. At this time, I know that I have reached a certain thinking area. Things that you didn't feel before are easy to keep in your heart now.

You can't resist this knife, but the scars that make it slash you shouldn't be so obvious.


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