Unforgettable TimTam Australia's famous national chocolate biscuits

I don't know why I suddenly thought of TimTam chocolate recently. Is it because you have been eating too healthy recently and have not ingested too many unhealthy foods? So the inner voice of wanting to eat junk food? I checked on the Internet to see if it was sold in Taiwan, and I had the impression that it was sold in which store. However, it is not very clear whether there is still any. Now there are shrimp skins. Some people also said that Quanlian and Carrefour also sold them again, and they were a little excited and wanted to go and buy them. But when I stopped, I recalled the old days!

TimTam is arguably Australia's most famous chocolate chip cookie, and no one should question that. Almost no friend who has been to Australia will not eat this chocolate. Even the snacks on the plane are sent to TimTam, so it is the first Australian snack I ate when I went to Australia to study. This is a very difficult thing to remember! And none of the students in the same year didn't like it. Although it is sweet, it is delicious.

Even the grandma of my host family knew it and recommended it to me. The well-deserved national chocolate biscuits, I still remember that before going back to Taiwan, I wanted to buy some to bring back to Taiwan. Too bad luggage isn't allowed! Thinking of going back to Taiwan to see if I can buy it, after all, this kind of more famous biscuits. There is quite a chance that someone will import Taiwan as an agent, and it is true that someone will import it as an agent. However, when the agency import was stopped around that year, I was also very dumbfounded. If it is not so coincidental, if I want to come back and buy it, I will stop selling it in Taiwan.

In the next few years, I will suddenly think of it, and I will look it up on the Internet. And then gradually forgot about it. I don't know why I remembered the existence of TimTam recently, and found that Taiwan seems to be selling it again in recent years. In fact, it is not so important now whether it tastes good or not, it is already a memory. (But I believe in my own taste and will not eat bad food. Haha!)

If fate comes, I will still take a bite when I encounter it.


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