Taichung Food | Lin Ji Urn Roasted Chicken - Taiping Flagship Store

Taichung Food | Lin Ji Urn Roasted Chicken - Taiping Flagship Store

Crossing the streets and alleys from Xitun District, in order to avoid the traffic coming off Taichung. It also took nearly half an hour to arrive at Lin Ji Urn Roasted Chicken in Taiping. If it weren't for the guidance of family members and friends, I would have been lost on the road long ago. I can't remember the way you told me to walk again. According to my dad's friend, this is the best urn chicken he has ever had in Taichung. The other urn chickens are not bad too. But their favorite is this one, whenever it's a dinner party or a friend's visit.

It has huge indoor and outdoor space. It can accommodate hundreds of people for dinner, and it is enough to hold events here. This size is impossible to see in the north. Can't imagine what it would be like to be full here! The day we went was a Friday night, not sure why. There are not many guests, otherwise I heard that it should be full of people usually. Of course, the epidemic has also affected business!

Taichung Food | Lin Ji Urn Roasted Chicken - Taiping Flagship Store

We almost felt like a private room when we sat outside. The main thing here is the urn roasted chicken that is freshly roasted every day. Others are classic Taiwanese dishes. The servings of each dish are huge, and the chicken soup seems like it will never be finished (you can refill it). The taste of the urn chicken is really good, and it is different from the herb roast chicken that I had at noon that day. It must be eaten when the chicken is skinned, and the fat has been roasted. Fragrant with a little crispy elasticity, the meat is not dry and has gravy. It tastes great without the need for pepper or other sauces. Chicken breasts don't taste like chicken breasts. The only pity that day was that it was too late for lunch. Otherwise, you can eat a little more urn roasted chicken at night! Originally a friend said to order at least two, but we barely finished one. cry! !

*Because it is an occasion for the elders to reminisce about the old days, the younger ones can only eat quietly and obediently. It's not polite to take pictures!

Lin Ji Urn Roasted Chicken Taiping Flagship Store

Address: No. 457, Section 4, Huanzhong Road, Taiping District, Taichung City 406

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