Hsinchu Fishing Port | Nanliao Fishing Port Fishery Products Direct Sales Center, fresh and direct delivery.

The old buildings of Hsinchu Fishing Port (Nanliao Fishing Port) were temporarily retained during the reconstruction process. There is a big contrast with the wave market next to it. At first, I was hesitant to walk in, not knowing what was inside? There are no signs outside. This is actually a fishing product direct sales center. The first floor is selling seafood from the local fishing port and some processed seafood products. The second floor is the seafood area.

The environment inside is like an early market, and from the current perspective, there is a lot of room for improvement. The cleanliness of the environment or the smell doesn't make you want to stay for long. I just want to leave quickly, but there are still some tourists left in the food area upstairs. Fresh seafood can be eaten here, which is the biggest attraction. Really want to say whether the price is cheaper, really hard to say!

The ones that really have more customers are those restaurants, and it depends on which restaurant has the fastest queue.

It feels like everyone is passing by without stopping to buy. The flow of people in front of each vendor is not high. Is it inconvenient for everyone to take it away, or is the price not cheaper? At least I lost interest in looking at other seafood when I saw that the milkfish balls were priced at the same price as those bought at a traditional market in Taipei. Take a quick walk away from the place where the smell is strong. Can't feel how competitive it is!

Nanliao Fishing Port Fishery Products Direct Sales Center

Address: No. 1-9, Xingang 3rd Road, North District, Hsinchu City, 300


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