Canada's Must-Drinks | CANADA DRY Ginger Ale

Canada's Must-Drinks | CANADA DRY Ginger Ale

The first time I drank Canada Dry in my memory was during a self-driving tour in Canada in 2012. Immediately shocked, I fell in love with this taste as soon as I entered it. Especially iced ones are better, not to mention bartending. And it feels more comfortable to drink in summer. But not everyone will like the taste. I didn't know about this Canadian brand at the time. I just found it while shopping at the store looking for a drink to drink. It is situated in a very obvious place, and the price is not particularly expensive. It is also crowned with Canada, so don't buy it and try it!

Canada Dry iced and unfrozen can be said to have the same taste. Frozen acceptance will be greater. Compared to other brands of ginger ale, I still prefer the flavor of Canada Dry. As a result, as long as I saw Canada Dry at that time, I would almost choose it first. Later, after returning to Taiwan, I rarely see its shadow. Only occasionally a few American restaurants have a chance to see it, not even a convenience store.

So, once I saw Canada Dry in my family and I bought a few bottles to drink. But I don't know if it is because the acceptance is not popular, and I haven't seen it in the whole family later. Otherwise, drinking it in summer will have a feeling of cooling off and relieve some physical discomfort. Of course, its taste is not a popular taste, it should belong to a fixed group (excluding application in bartending). Those who like it like it very much, and those who don't like it are also obvious. The first choice for ginger ale is Canada Dry! ! !


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