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I haven't been to Jiufen Old Street for several years! The former head nurse's store has moved and changed its location. It used to be in a prominent position at an intersection, and the storefront was bigger than it is now. The current storefront makes me wonder if it is the old nurse's store. If it wasn't for asking the lady boss, it was finally confirmed. I also wondered if there was something wrong with my memory. Just found out it's been a few years since I moved to this location. Does it still taste like the past?

I feel that there are a lot fewer types of products sold now than before, and the environment is also much simpler than before. But I still saw a few people queuing up. Otherwise, I really doubt if the business is much worse than before. Later, I simply bought a few samples to try the taste, and the price is really not cheap. And the portion seems to be a lot less. It is called honey luwei, and the color I see this time is very dark. I don't remember that dark color before?

Friendly reminder, remember to buy a drink. Sweet, salty and dry. It used to be delicious in my memory, but now it's too easy to get tired of. You won't want to eat after a few bites. It is no longer the taste of the past, and the glory of the past should not be repeated. I feel that if I pass by in the future, I will not have much interest in buying it!

Head Nurse's Store | Honey Luwei

Address: No. 167, Jishan Street, Ruifang District, New Taipei City 224

Tel: 0224062446


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