British Label 5 Scotch Whiskey

Two reasons for being attracted to it at first glance. One is the price and the other is the shot glass. What a coincidence that such a small cup just happened to be missing. I seldom drink at home, and I don’t have the habit of buying glasses or putting them in glasses. And in this way, the possibility of wanting to drink at home can be avoided as much as possible. So, I suddenly wanted to take a sip of whiskey, no glass. This just meets the demand, and you can try the taste of this whiskey. Is it killing two birds with one stone?

*Drink in moderation, do not drink and drive, and do not drink while driving.

Label 5 has always been regarded as the characterization of Scotch whiskey. Combining the essence of the four major production areas, the highland is stable and rich, the unique seaweed peat aroma of Islay, and the lowland is dense and slender aftertaste. Its style is just like the brand name "Label 5", using whiskey from the "4" major production areas in Scotland, with the single malt whiskey from the Speyside production area as the backbone, and accurately blending the "5" flavors. This makes each Label 5 hide the unique light nectar flavor of Speyside under the rich aroma. Compared with other whiskeys in the market, which contain less than 5% barley-based alcohol, each bottle of Leiber No. 5 contains at least 35% barley-based alcohol, which highlights the pure quality of its products. (Online information)

Let's just say I won't describe the flavor of the wine. It doesn't make sense even if you can, everyone has different feelings, the best way is to try it yourself and know which wine is suitable for you.


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