Boston, USA | Pho Hoa Restaurant Vietnamese Cuisine【Closed】

Boston, USA | Pho Hoa Restaurant Vietnamese Cuisine【Closed】
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A restaurant that can only remain in memory, let alone when I will go to Boston again. But it's not there anymore! Isn’t it strange that there are Vietnamese dishes in Chinatown? There were a few Vietnamese restaurants back then, but there may not be many lefts now. Especially after the epidemic, many will be affected. I remember passing it every time I go to Chinatown. Later, I took a closer look at the advertisement in the window. Unexpectedly, bubble tea was written on it. Most Taiwanese students will be very excited when they see bubble tea. But it's okay for me (I don't feel like I miss it at all), but my friends who are traveling with me are more excited than me.

17 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111 United States. From Google Maps, there is only a blank and an appearance under renovation. One less place to remember. In fact, I have only been here once, and I went to have dinner with a group of classmates. I don't know why they want to go to Chinatown to eat Vietnamese food. I remember that there were Taiwanese, Turks, Japanese, and Koreans traveling with me. Who the hell wants to eat Vietnamese Pho? Not really, they just want to drink Bubble Tea. Pho is just an incidental dinner, not the main goal.

Pho Hoa Restaurant (Vietnamese cuisine) has been open locally for many years. The source of customers is not only Asians, but even many locals can accept its taste. Whether it is from the outside or the inside, you can feel its sense of history, that is, it has been open for a long time and has not been redecorated. The decoration inside is neither luxurious nor novel, even a bit old. I don't know how long the chairs and tables have been used, and some of them are already a little unstable. Even so, at least I had a meal there with my classmates.


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