Xinyi District, Taipei | Old Shanghai Bun | Hulin Street Yongchun Traditional Market


Xinyi District, Taipei | Old Shanghai Bun | Hulin Street Yongchun Traditional Market

Hulin Street is an old Shanghai bun shop that has been passed down to the next generation. My family bought it once before, and it was quite in line with their taste. It wasn't until I wanted to go shopping on Hulin Street that I realized that I didn't know the name of the store. I also made an international phone call to ask my mother abroad, which is also quite funny. She almost forgot what her name was, if I hadn't called her to ask her. Originally, I was asked to look for it. Without a store name, I was looking for a lonely one. Where can I find which one? Mom is also talented~~

It's located a little at the entrance of the alley. There is a very famous Tongjia Fried Chicken at the entrance of that alley. So, it is easy to find! Their buns and steamed buns are all made of old noodles, which are fermented flour. During the fermentation process, the flora decomposes the starch in the flour and releases the enzymes produced by yeast and lactic acid bacteria, making the dough softer and more mellow in taste.

When making steamed buns and buns, you need to knead the old flour and water into a dough, and then put it in a warm place to ferment. During fermentation, the dough expands and becomes more elastic. After the fermentation is complete, you can knead the dough into small balls, then roll them into thin skins, wrap them with your favorite fillings, and steam them in a steamer or pot. Although the production process of handmade steamed buns and buns is cumbersome, the taste is very mellow and the taste is very delicate.

However, this handmade one is easier to digest and has a slightly different taste from the general ones. The older generation still prefer to eat this kind of steamed buns. Firm and chewy, the filling is also very rich. However, it is recommended to eat hot. The price is very affordable compared to the size!

Old shanghai buns

Address: No. 4, Lane 108, Hulin Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110

Tel: 0227659155


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