Review|Xinyi District,Taipei |Jin xian Braised Pork Rice (Songshan Main Store)

Review|Xinyi District,Taipei |Jin xian Braised Pork Rice (Songshan Main Store)

Jinxian Lu Rou fan on Songshan Road has a long queue every meal time. Then the phone kept answering, watching the clerk very busy. Then there is no patience and attitude, so people gradually don't want to eat it. In addition, the price and weight are one of the reasons for people to retreat. I still remember that I used to like to eat Jinxian's bento. And one day, there was no particular interest. It has become a shop that can be eaten or not. If you want to buy bento, it is better to go to Jinxianlu Pork Rice in Houshanpi, and it is better than going to the Songshan main store.

It has been several years since this last visit. Last time I also went to eat in the store, but because of the attitude of the clerk, I thought I would not go there in the future. It's enough to have a meal that is not cost-effective, and then you have to make yourself feel bad. This time I thought that after the meal time, there were not so many people. Let's see if it gets better! In the end, the attitude was still the same, and there was no difference between serving food and throwing it on the table. The male clerk looked like you owed him a lot of money, and he couldn't bear to look directly at him. What are you doing?

Review|Xinyi District,Taipei |Jin xian Braised Pork Rice (Songshan Main Store)

2 shrimp rolls for NT$50, pork knuckle rice for NT$120. The summary is that you can't get enough to eat! There are few side dishes and it is still cold, and there is no feeling of heat preservation at all. And the food is even less, is it more reluctant to give more food? How do you say it tastes like? It’s okay, even if it’s not as delicious as it used to be. But it is acceptable, but the pig's feet don't feel very tasty.

After walking to the restaurant, I went nearby to eat a bowl of tofu curd to fill my stomach. I knew that I was lonely after eating, as if I had eaten something and didn’t seem to have eaten anything. Then it cost NT$200? To be honest there are so many other options that are better than this.

Jin xian Braised Pork Rice (Songshan Main Store)

Address: No. 473, Songshan Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110

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