Are big grapefruits bad? Isn't the grapefruit stored as long as possible?


Are big grapefruits bad? Isn't the grapefruit stored as long as possible?

Yuzu is a common citrus fruit in Asia, also known as "yuzu orange" or "wenzhou yuzu". It is typically slightly larger than an orange, with a rough surface and its color may be yellow or green, depending on ripeness and variety. The flesh of yuzu has a slightly bitter taste but also has sweetness, and it is often used to make beverages, candies, and spices. The peel of yuzu can be used to make yuzu tea, a popular tea beverage that has a refreshing and unique yuzu flavor. Yuzu is also believed to have various health benefits, such as boosting immunity, improving digestion, and lowering cholesterol levels.

It's normal for a yuzu to last for several months. I remember being afraid of them during the Mid-Autumn Festival a couple of years ago. My family doesn't eat them very often, but my mother bought a box and we received another as a gift. We were eating yuzu for so long that we started to question our existence. It was ridiculous. But luckily, yuzu can be stored for a month or two without any problems, and even up to three months. Its skin is its best protective layer.

Every relative who saw the big yuzu in my grandmother's house was curious. They rarely saw yuzu that big and round before. It felt good to the touch too (huh!).

Later, everyone thought we should cut it open to see what it looked like inside and whether it tasted good or not. But when the first person tried it and shared their conclusion, it caused the big yuzu to be unsellable! According to the person, it was dry and needed water, and it didn't have much aroma or taste. Everyone burst out laughing! We all pushed it back and forth, trying to make someone else take the remaining yuzu home to eat. We quickly left the scene in light of this.


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