Does Reunion Dinner reunite people or food? seems to have lost its meaning

Does Reunion Dinner reunite people or food? seems to have lost its meaning

Every Lunar New Year, everyone's impression is to have family reunion together. No matter which city or even which country you are in, you will try your best to go back to a certain family that has been agreed upon for a family reunion. According to common sense, no one will be absent without special circumstances. For some people who work outside, maybe this is the only time of the year to meet relatives and friends. Otherwise, there is usually no chance to see it. Even with advanced technology, there are still some distances that cannot be shortened.

I don't know which year it started though, the Lunar New Year kind of slowly loses its flavor. Maybe also because of modernization? Convenient transportation allows you to easily meet family and friends as long as you want. It's not as difficult as it used to be. I still remember that when I was a child, I had to squeeze the train to go back to the countryside, and I had to buy tickets in advance. Then there was a traffic jam on the expressway and the sky was dark. There will always be a mentality of giving up at the moment, and I feel that it is very hard and tiring to go back. It happens to be another big moment of the year.

It has evolved to the present, but the length of the holiday has become more important. So, the news is to hear how many tourists are waiting to go abroad at the airport. Otherwise, just rush through the day and run out to play. It will not be carried out according to the established custom that day. It's a bit of getting together for the sake of getting together, when the flavor of the year is getting less and less. The connection between people is getting weaker and weaker! It seems that food is the focus of the rest worth looking forward to? !


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