Miaoli Countryside | Homemade Professional Roasted Sweet Potato Area

Miaoli Countryside | Homemade Professional Roasted Sweet Potato Area

This green oven has a long history. It's probably been around for decades! In my memory, there used to be at least two of them, but I don't know where the others went. Maybe they were given away as gifts, which is also possible. Many people who visit my grandfather's house love this oven, and in the past, many people wanted to buy it, even offering to pay for it. However, it has always been kept, and I have played with this oven since I was a child.

Back then, there were no electric heaters or variable frequency air conditioners. Relatives would put it in the living room, like in the photo, and connect a chimney to the outside. This way, the living room would be warmer in winter, and they could also roast sweet potatoes as snacks.

Of course, we also used it to roast meat during festivals. Otherwise, it would be a waste of its function to only roast sweet potatoes. I remember one year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, we returned to my grandfather's house too late. Everyone had already eaten dinner, and there was still marinated meat left in the refrigerator. So, we secretly roasted some meat to eat at night.

The insulation of this oven is also very good. It can maintain a long-lasting temperature with just one fire. This is the most important function. It also saves a lot of charcoal or firewood. After the variable frequency air conditioner was introduced, this oven was basically forgotten and rarely used.

After the Chinese New Year this year, I don't know how my relatives thought of this oven again. They moved it to the farm society in the field, and later I found out it was to roast sweet potatoes. How much do they love sweet potatoes? I almost always see my uncle roasting sweet potatoes whenever I go back. Although they are healthy and nutritious, they don't seem to get tired of them.

They even handmade a wooden clamp to secure the chimney. They measured the dimensions and sawed the wood to make it. Roasting sweet potatoes is not an easy task. But roasting sweet potatoes at night with the aroma in the air seems to have a nice atmosphere. After all, there is nothing else to do in the countryside, so we should enjoy the leisurely atmosphere.


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