Snack recommendation|Canada BROOKSIDE Blueberry Dark Chocolate


Snack recommendation|Canada BROOKSIDE Blueberry Dark Chocolate

Wrapping it in bubble wrap is the only way to keep it hidden from others and prevent them from stealing it. I can enjoy the pleasure of this sinful snack in secret without anyone knowing that it's BROOKSIDE Blueberry Dark Chocolate. Sharing such an evil snack with others would be harmful because they may be trying to lose weight or limit their calorie intake. It could also be the case that they don't even like sweets. It's essential not to compromise someone else's health!

In reality, I only have BROOKSIDE Black Chocolate once a year, when I visit my aunt in Miaoli. She buys it occasionally, and it always seems to be when I visit her. Perhaps this is destiny between BROOKSIDE and me? It's a profound connection that cannot be severed. I work hard to increase my calorie intake and gain weight.

I recommend pairing it with black coffee or unsweetened tea as the chocolate is quite sweet, and it also contains soft blueberry candy in the center. So even though it's delicious, try not to eat too much at once. Even a small piece packs a calorie explosion!


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