Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.41-Walking on the wall, highly skilled and practiced

This guy is really too ruthless. Is there no fear of heights at all? Walk directly on the corridor wall just to see the animals below. There are sheep, chickens and ducks below, Xiaobao is very curious to see them running around. How to practice the sense of balance and courage? It's obviously that big, and the width will exceed it. You can still walk on it steadily. And if it wasn't for pulling it to keep it from moving, it felt like it wanted to jump down to play with them. There are enough crazy little treasures!

And no one taught it to go up, and no one told it to go up. It walked up the stairs by itself to find a good angle and jumped up. What is the trick? Do you see a lot of people around you and want to show off your technology? At any time, someone would grab it and let it come down quickly. Don't run up! It will be scary.


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