Qingshui Cliff | Majestic Coastal Scenery

The Qingshui Cliffs, along the Suhua Highway, represent one of the most stunning scenic routes in Taiwan. As someone who has only ever seen photos or videos online, it's difficult to truly grasp the immense difference between reality and the imagery presented. No matter how many high-definition videos or photos you may see, nothing compares to witnessing the scenery with your own eyes. The awe-inspiring power of nature is truly remarkable!

For anyone planning a drive along the Suhua Highway to Hualien before the Lunar New Year in 2024, the Qingshui Cliffs will undoubtedly be a highlight not to be missed. Who would ever foolishly skip over such a sight? (Unless, of course, they've seen it many times before.) Its beauty captivates both locals and foreign visitors alike.

It's a shame that the weather didn't cooperate this time, with the persistent rain trailing behind you, preventing you from seeing the Qingshui Cliffs in their clearest and brightest state. However, even under such conditions, the cliffs offer a unique atmosphere. The coastline, with its seemingly not-so-high yet incredibly towering cliffs, and the deep, unfathomable colors of the sea below, create a sense of awe-inspiring majesty. The initial visual impact is still remarkably strong!

As you stand there, taking in the view, it's natural to suddenly feel a sense of insignificance, as if you're just a tiny speck in the presence of nature's grandeur.

The people who excavated this railway back in the day are truly admirable. It's because of their dedication and hard work that we have such an important transportation route today. Its resilience is even more impressive than that of the Suhua Highway.

This might be the last time I see the Qingshui Cliffs; it's uncertain how long it will take for Hualien to recover to its former state. When will the hazardous Suhua Highway be safe for travel again? If in the future we have to take sea or rail routes instead, will we still have the same scenery and experience?



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