Taiwan Cement DAKA Park | Eco-Circular Factory, Starbucks in Glass House, Integrated 7-Eleven

Before entering Hualien via the Su-Hua Highway from Yilan, there's a new rest area for us, although in reality, Taiwan Cement DAKA Park has been open since 2020. It's just that for us, returning to Hualien after over a decade, it's our first memorable journey along the Su-Hua Highway. Previously, either we were too young to remember or we traveled to Hualien by train. Our impression of the Su-Hua Highway could be described as non-existent. We wouldn't have known about Taiwan Cement DAKA Park until we planned our itinerary and realized our route would pass through this location.

Here, almost everything seems to be under the umbrella of Uni-President Group. Both 7-Eleven and Starbucks are representative brands under the Uni-President conglomerate.

Next to it, there's also a small market and a simple food street, offering straightforward food without too many specialties. Prices might be slightly higher, so many people choose to stop by 7-Eleven for purchases when taking a break. Overall, the environment is quite nice, bright, and tidy, making it a good rest stop. When feeling tired along the Su-Hua Highway, you can temporarily pause here. If the weather is good, you can also take a stroll around. There are displays of past excavation tools and equipment nearby. Additionally, you can also book guided tour activities online.


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