Keelung,Agenna Shipyard relics-Captain America came to Taiwan to shoot advertising location~careful safety

Agenna Shipyard relics-Top Industrial Ruins Photographing Spots

It seems to be just a ruined place
It is a historic building.
Imagine its past in the brain when you see it.
Is it after building a large ship?
Going to the sea

“The "Agenna Shipyard" built during the Japanese occupation period is the terminal station of each railway branch line. It is responsible for collecting the gold mines and other minerals of Jinguashi and then transporting them to Japan.
After the end of the Japanese occupation period, it was leased to the American company "Agenna Shipbuilding", which mainly built yachts.
Although it is now abandoned, this place is still famous for this. Because the exposed reinforced concrete is very modern and decadent, it has become a famous attraction for people to take pictures.
Even the famous movie "Captain America" Hollywood star Chris Evans has come here to shoot advertisements.”

 If not, there are Hollywood stars coming here to shoot.
Attracted the attention of the public

It will disappear under human factors
Only stay in the memory of a small number of people

There are a lot of friends who are shooting outdoors.
I like to come here to view
Industrial decadence and style
With traces of history

However, the overall structure is already unstable
It’s still dangerous to go inside and take pictures.
Not bold enough to take pictures
And put your own safety into a place with high risk factor
Just shoot outside.

The Agenna Shipyard relics is right next to the Zhengbin Fishing Port.
Don't forget to go shopping together here.
Although it is suitable for taking photos
But there are very different styles and feelings
Separated by a world and space

Keelung,Zhengbin Fishing Port-the old fishing port turned into a colorful rainbow house


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