Keelung,Zhengbin Fishing Port-the old fishing port turned into a colorful rainbow house

Zhengbin Fishing Port -punch card attractions

Every time I see a travel show or news
Not to say the Italian island of Burano
It is a color village or a color fishing port in Busan, South Korea.

Just the day before going to Keelung
Go online and look for where you can go
Otherwise, except for the night market in Keelung Miaokou
I don’t know anything at all.

I really found this special place.
Zhengbin Fishing Port
Before Google
I don’t know at all that Taiwan has such a fishing port.

I don’t even know how beautiful it is now.
Putting old fishing port
Painted in colourful colors
Can have such a different feeling

Just like coming to another country
Fishing boat with this colorful room
Seemingly violating and coordinating
Imagine if it should be matched with a yacht.
But there is another beauty in this way.

More such designs can attract more people.
Everyone knows that there is such a fishing port.

There is a platform planned across the color house.
It’s right to shoot from the angle you like here.
Be sure to be a new Instagram hitting spot

But the road is near the road.
So if you park your car, it’s not too convenient to find a location.
Or turn right onto the roadside parking on the road to the Argener Shipyard site.


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