TainanFood,Aizaicheng Shrimp Rice-Beginning with Since 1922

Aizaicheng Shrimp Rice

A lot of things are really hard to say
How could you think about going to Tainan?
Just stayed for 3 hours and left!
It took 2 hours to eat and parking.
Really handle things less than half an hour
Return to Taipei

Before arriving in Tainan
The partners who came together in the car
Are thinking about what to eat.
After all, Tainan cuisine is so much.
The stomach is not that big

Pick a round
Recommended with Tainan locals
[Shrimp rice] is you

But how can there be two shrimp rice? ?
Of course, both of them are eating.
Just to exaggerate

The first stop came to the short crayed shrimp rice.
Original old shop
It should also be the first ancestor to make shrimp rice.

Shrimp rice

Shredded pork and shrimp with rice
Not what I eat~ haha
I don't know how the pork tastes.
Think for yourself
But the focus is on the shrimps, not in the pork.

Taiwanese sausage

Ancient sausage with ginger?
This match is still the first time
Not garlic
Why don't you say that the amount is small? The price is not expensive.

shrimp rice

The pickled radish above has salty scallions!
Missing yellow radish

Shrimp riceShrimp rice

You can believe in a bowl of  NTD$10 of miso soup?
There is also a pile of tofu inside.

Shrimp rice

Poke the fried duck egg
Let the egg yolk flow out and have a taste in the rice.
Very soft
Shrimp rice is moist
Shrimp is fried first and fried separately with the rice below.
Put together
Good to eat! ! The south is a bit sweet.
The other restaurant feels a little sweeter.


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