TainanFood JiPin Shrimp Rice-One of the two shrimp rice restaurant on Hai'an Road

Tainan JiPin Shrimp Rice

This is my second bowl of shrimp rice for the day.
After eating from the Aizaicheng shrimp rice, come over and eat.

Why do you eat two restaurants in the same day?
Please look at the Aizaicheng shrimp rice this
I can’t eat it anymore.
Children don't learn it.

Basically the menus of the two are similar
Only the part of the side dish is very different


A little more variety of side dishes

However, most of the price of the collection is NTD$5  more expensive than the Aizaicheng.
This depends on the individual feeling
The cost of shrimp is still very high
I can't feel the amount of meal.
I feel so much when I eat.

Shrimp rice

The color of the rice is slightly different
The secret recipe of fried rice
But think it's sweeter
There is an aroma that is very familiar and can't think of it.

Did you find that the bowl of shrimp rice is missing a corner?
Was stolen by friend

egg soup

Duck egg soup
Have a very fresh taste and sauce
Still with a bit of sweetness
Basically, I have no problem with the sweetness of the south.
High acceptance
After all, each region has its local flavor.

For me
The collection will not be bad
If it is me, I might choose a Aizaicheng.
This is also a bit unfair
It may be that my first bowl was eaten from Aizaicheng.
Just think that it tastes lighter than the collection.

Both restaurants must have their own supporters
Just choose the flavor you like! !

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