Food in Chiayi,Heping turkey rice-sliced turkey rice,choose more traditional Taiwanese classic dishes

Heping turkey rice -sliced turkey rice,chicken oil fragrance

Chiayi local cuisine turkey rice,one of the well-known stores, 
Heping turkey rice.
It looks like an ordinary Taiwanese snack store!

But no matter what time, there will be customers to eat,
 you can smell the strong fragrance when you go too late to 
worry about the Side dish.



There are many kinds of traditional Taiwanese side dishes here. 
It is not the kind of dried beans and kelp in the noodle shop. 
Generally, there are not many vegetables in the snack store.
 There are even some vegetables. There are as many 
as 5 to 6 kinds of soups available here. 
There are so many different kinds of people who 
have the choice of obstacles to go crazy, see what you want to eat, 
even if the price is still worthwhile. 
I hope that Taipei has such a snack store too! !

The turkey rice, the turkey rice that I saw in Taipei, 
was all torn apart. It was like a turkey meat piece. 
It was fun to eat, and it was more enjoyable. 
The turkey oil that was topped was even more fragrant. Feel greasy.

Sliced turkey rice,turkey is bigger, the amount is full, 
it’s a pity that I haven’t eaten turkey rice before.
People who like to eat meat must not miss it, 
even the turkey breasts are not good. Preserves the taste and moisture.

In fact, if you didn't go to the Chiayi ren turkey rice
you can't wait to order a bowl, and wonder why the stomach is not big.

The delicious dried bamboo shoots should be cooked with high soup.
 I believe that the turkey meat restaurant is not lacking in the soup. 
Of course it is delicious!

Sweet Taiwanese style Miso soup, usually in Taipei, 
eels that the weight is too small, drinking a few mouthfuls is gone,
 the result is now how much support is still not finished.

Don't misunderstand that I didn't eat it by myself.
 I thought I was eating it myself.

In addition to other turkey rice store that  has not eaten,
 this one can really come back.

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