Food in Chiayi,Chiayi ren turkey rice-original nameless turkey rice

Chiayi ren turkey rice

Before I watched a YouTube video, 
Cai A GA had 24 Chiayi turkey rice for 24 hours. 
They introduced so many. Of course, we can't all eat them. 
The time is limited, and the stomach space is limited.
Pick two to be lunch, the first one is Chiayi ren turkey rice!
The other is a HePing turkey rice in the vicinity (next article)

Front door

The day was directly from Taipei to Chiayi.
 When I went to Chiayi ren turkey rice, 
there was already an hour left to close the store.
 I was nervous and wouldn’t go to nothing.

It’s been past lunch time, and a lot of people are coming to eat.
 It’s really popular in the local area.

The store environment is clean and tidy, there are air conditioners, 
and there are a lot of seats. In fact, it can't be eaten for a long time. 
The clerk's service is ordinary, and he is always urged when he wants to eat something, but in fact no other customers are waiting.


The price is very cost-effective and the amount is also large. 
The speed of serving is very fast, and the clerk will send it to the table.

Turkey rice

The amount of turkey on it is rich. The rice will not be hard or soft, 
and it will retain elasticity. With the chicken oil sauce, 
you can eat several bowls without any problem.
The turkey is not firewood at all. It is a bit unbearable to smell it.
 I want to eat it quickly. Don't forget to add another poached egg. 
The half-boiled egg inside the egg yolk comes out with turkey rice.
 I want to eat now!

Haslet soup

The haslet soup, has no visceral smell, is very clean, 
and uses meat broth for drinking. There are also many servings.

I have also order the guomao salads that I haven’t eaten for a long time.
 I rarely see them in Taipei. I don’t have a chance to eat. 
Chiayi turkey pilaf tastes good and has a chance to eat again. 
However, there are too many turkey restaurants, 
and I want to eat them all once.

Because there is still the next one to eat,
 so there is not too much point, but found that this is already a bit full.

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