Food in Taipei,Da'an,Chenji Pork Liver Soup,Sesame paste noodles-Popular street food behind Renai Hospital

Pork liver soup is opened in the back alley of Renai Hospital. 
It is very reasonable. No matter what the reason,
 you can drink the pig liver soup to make up the body, haha!

Chen Pork Liver Soup was founded in 1973. 
It has been for more than 40 years. 
There is also a Chen Tiexin next door. 
It is also a pork liver soup. 
I heard that the two brothers later worked separately and
 even opened their business hours. 
Staggered, do not affect each other's business, 
this way is also good and does not hurt feelings.

Because every time I went to the afternoon, 
Chen Tiexin always missed the opportunity to try. 
I haven’t had a fate with it so far. I look forward to the future. 
This day is no exception. It’s nearly eight o’clock when I arrive at the store.
 There is no need to line up, but there are still many guests to dine.

The price has increased, and it is NTD$10 
more expensive than in the past.
 In fact, the previous price is not cheap. 
Compared with other places, the price is slightly higher.
 If there is no special situation or I really want to drink pork liver soup,
 actually I I won’t go to eat here, 
but I don’t mean that it’s not good, but it’s okay.

Inside space

famous people visited


There are a lot of celebrities who have come to eat,
 leaving a commemorative photo and signature,
 or a TV report, just look at it, you know.

Taiwanese kimchi

Spicy kimchi, very traditional taste,
 remember that before going to the traditional market 
to buy Glutinous Oil Rice or fried Green bean noodles, 
you will have to match this kimchi to eat, 
but also to relieve greasy.

The spicy kimchi here is just for you to eat. 
How many sandwiches you want to eat is not polite,
 and the friends who are afraid of spicy should pay attention. 
It is a little bit spicy.

The small bowl of Sesame paste noodles and 
the small bowl of pork liver soup are eaten in about five minutes. 
The serving is very fast, and the onion sauce has oily onion.

The stir-fried noodles will be a bit dry. 
I will pour a little soup into it to increase the moistness.
 The noodles are soft and not chewy. 
The noodles will adhere well to the sauce. 
The sauce tastes very rich, and the sauce is heavy. .

The pork liver soup tastes light and just matches it. 
The amount of pig liver is quite large,
 a little green vegetables and ginger, 
no astringency, pig liver soft and tender and not dry wood.

I will add spicy kimchi to increase the richness of the taste. 
It can also be greasy, with a little spicy and very comfortable.
 It looks very enjoyable. This portion is about 80% full after eating!

The Sesame paste noodles are actually ordinary.
 I like to have a bit of chewing. If you eat your mouth too much, 
you will want to drink soup. If you don’t have soup or spicy kimchi,
 the taste is not bad. This is your personal preference. 
The problem, the business here has always been good,
 but I don’t know why the store’s attitude is actually not very friendly.
 It’s not a stinky face. It’s a very awkward speech. 
The first time someone will always know the process,
 it will be a bit Not comfortable.



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