Food in Taipei,Da'an District,Chen Tiexin-Taiwanese cuisine, pork liver soup,Sesame paste noodle-behind Guotai Hospital

There is a Chen Ji pig liver soup behind Taipei Renai Hospital.
It has been open for more than 40 years, 
and there is a Chen Tiexin next to it.
I heard that the two are brothers and they are operating separately.
Even business hours are staggered.
Mainly pig liver soup and sesame paste sauce,
And behind the Taipei Cathay Hospital,
There is also a Chen Tiexin (head shop),
The business hours here are longer, 
basically the same as the hospital time.
The focus is on opening near the hospital,
It seems that it is necessary to nourish the body.

The location is quite conspicuous,
You can see it from the alley or from the back of the hospital.
Deducting the pharmacy and medical equipment,
That's how many places to eat.

Take-out area,
In addition to the hospital, there are still many office workers nearby.
Therefore, there is not much time for free, and they are quite busy.
The environment I saw outside was not bad.
It can be considered a snack, but the decor is modern and refined.
There is no such thing as a Taiwan traditional snack  that retains the sense of the past.

This time is already two o'clock in the afternoon.
There are still quite a few people who come to eat.
Even if you don't order a main dish, come to a bowl of pork liver soup.

The age layer feels a bit higher,
There are also a large proportion of girls.
Pig liver can supplement iron is good for girls.


spicy cabbage

Tableware, spicy cabbage and seasonings,
These are all to be taken by themselves.
Spicy cabbag can be eaten casually, but you can't waste food.
This is also a side dish that you love to eat.

Chentiexin Menu

Chen Tiexin’s choice of meals is also quite rich.
Compared with Chen Ji pig liver soup, the variety is very different.
Not only face and soup,
Chen Tiexin also has a appetizers,
 this is what Chen Ji pig liver soup does not have.

package C,  Sesame paste noodle + pork liver soup + braised Chinese cabbage

For people with selective difficulties,
Just pick a package, just fine.
The package is recommended by the store.
Otherwise, it’s dazzling,
Others can be tried slowly later.

I chose the package C,
Sesame paste noodle + pork liver soup + braised Chinese cabbage,
The classic combination is also rich in nutrition and balanced.

Sesame paste noodle

Sesame paste noodle with deep fried scallions and bean sprouts,
The face will not be too soft, but it is not chewy.
The aroma of the onion is coming out.
Compared to Chen Ji’s Sesame paste noodle, the sauce here is moist.
I won’t eat too dry, but it’s a bit greasy after eating.
At this time, the role of spicy cabbage came out.
Can help relieve greasy feeling.

Sesame paste noodlespicy cabbages

The spicy cabbages here will look deeper than the color of Chen Kee.
The degree of spicyness is also spicy, so those 
who are afraid of eating spicy should be careful.
I am very enjoyable to eat, with a sesame paste noodle,
It was clipped twice in total.

Braised Chinese cabbage

Braised Chinese cabbage, the taste is just right,
The Chinese cabbage is soft and rotten, releasing its own sweetness.
There is a vague taste of soup.

Chen Tiexin Pork liver soup

Pork liver soup is also a popular commodity here.
There is a lot of pork liver, not polite,
The spoon is a pig liver, and it is very cool to see.
At first glance, it’s more cost-effective than Chen Ji’s pig liver soup.
Drinking is more intense, the pig liver is handled very well,
Not cooking too old.

The speed of the meal is very fast,
 but the attitude of the service staff needs to be strengthened.
I’m a little impatient, and my attitude is very hard.
The hygiene cleaning after finishing the table 
to clean the tableware needs to be improved.
Chen Tiexin and Chen Ji pig liver soup have their own tastes.
Just look at personal preferences.




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